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Last week, we watched the swearing in of the the most diverse Congress in our country’s history, after a Midterm Election that resulted in a number of historic firsts for women. This week, get ready to raise your voice as a constituent, and maximize your impact when contacting your new representatives as they enter their first legislative session of the 116th Congress.

This #TakeActionTuesday, contact your representatives using these data-driven strategies to amplify your advocacy during the new Congressional session:

  • Be Effective. Research has shown that, as illustrated by the chart below, some methods of engaging with your representatives are more effective than others. When choosing the right method for your advocacy, think about which methods are both impactful and practical based on your available time. For example, a personalized message with your individual story is much more effective than a form letter.  
  • Create A Routine. Set aside 30 minutes each week as “Advocacy Time” and add it to your calendar to ensure that you remain accountable and engaged, even during busy periods. Make the most of limited time by utilizing tools like the AIT Action Center, which allows you to research your representatives, find their office’s contact information, and even contact their offices directly.

What tools and strategies are you using to contact your new representatives this week? Let us know at info@aitogether.org!