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With so many women running for office, 2018 has already proven to be an exciting year for women in politics. But why does women’s representation actually matter? The research overwhelmingly suggests that women make government better: women are more likely to introduce bills that benefit women, and they get more bills passed than their male counterparts. And, this election cycle has revealed how women are making an impact—just by running for office.

For instance, Liuba Grechen Shirley is the first woman in the country to spend federal campaign funds on childcare—and it’s a game changer for moms across the country. As one of just 4 moms in the nation running for Congress with kids under 3-years-old, Liuba knew she couldn’t run without a babysitter. And with student loans, medical bills, and a mortgage, she couldn’t cover the expense herself. So she fought to cover the cost with campaign funds—and won a groundbreaking ruling from the Federal Election Commission. Now, women across the country are following her lead, pushing to change local laws on campaign funds for childcare.

This #TakeActionTuesday, support women who are changing the game and running for office. Try out these tips to elect women:

  1. Vote. Primary elections are already underway and vary by state. Check out this interactive map from IssueVoter to find out your state’s election date. Make a plan to vote before election day, and bring your family and friends with you to the polls.
  2. Donate. Male candidates tend to have an easier time raising funds than their female counterparts, and black women in particular aren’t receiving comparable support from their party’s congressional committees. Remember that even small donations make a big impact to build grassroots support for a candidate.
  3. Volunteer. Once you find a candidate you’re excited to support, visit their website to sign up for campaign updates and volunteer opportunities. There are lots of ways to volunteer for a campaign, so you can tailor your involvement to your strengths and personality type. Be sure to leave a note in the sign-up form to highlight your expertise and maximize your impact on a campaign.

What are you doing to help women lead in 2018? Let us know at info@aitogether.org.