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Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, an opportunity to honor those who have served our country and support the veterans living in our communities and beyond.

Veterans face unique challenges, including access to healthcare, employment, education, and family support. Healthcare remains a central issue for our veterans after they return home. Many require treatment for service-related physical and mental health conditions, but must travel over an hour to the nearest VA medical center. For low-income veterans and those without ready access to transportation, long distances and extended wait times create barriers to receiving the care that they need.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action by advocating for veterans in your community.

  • Understand the Issues. Veterans affairs groups advocate for a wide range of policy issues from access to continued education to mental health resources. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the issues affecting veterans and their families.
  • Volunteer. Make an impact on the lives of veterans and their families by volunteering to provide transportation and other services through theDepartment of Veterans Affairs. Or, check out the many volunteer opportunities available through various advocacy organizations nationwide.
  • Contact Your Legislators. All levels of government impact veterans affairs, from federal policymaking to local implementation. Contact your elected officials and ask how they are prioritizing veterans’ rights and needs in your community.

How are you advocating for veterans in your community? Let us know at info@aitogether.org.