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The federal government has now been in a state of partial shutdown for a record-breaking 32 days. The impacts of the shutdown are vast, affecting the more than 5,000 furloughed federal workers across the country as well as the most vulnerable among the American public. On average, federal workers have missed more than $5,000 in pay since the shutdown began. Thousands have now filed for unemployment.

While the immediate impacts are most readily seen on federal workers, thousands of vulnerable Americans are also bearing direct consequences of the shutdown. With federal funding frozen, domestic violence and homeless shelters are struggling to provide life-saving services. Americans living in federally-subsidized housing are unable to pay their rent. Funding for food stamps is in danger of running out on March 1st. And, college students are prevented from filing urgent financial aid paperwork.

This #TakeActionTuesday, take action to end the partial government shutdown and alleviate its effects on the most vulnerable Americans:

  • Donate to Local Organizations. With many direct service organizations, including domestic violence and homeless shelters, currently unable to receive federal funding, your donations can make a real difference in ensuring that they are able to continue providing life-saving services and resources to vulnerable populations. Consider donating to a local food pantry, as these organizations prepare for increased demand.
  • Reach Out to Federal Employees. If you have federal employees in your personal network, reach out and find out what needs you can help them to meet. If you own a business, join the hundreds of local businesses across the country that have stepped up to help ease the hardships of the furloughed employees in their community.
  • Contact Your Federal Legislators. Let your representatives in Washington know how the government shutdown has affected you and your community, and why it’s urgent that the government be reopened. Focus your time on sharing your story with your Senators—the Senate has not yet passed a bill to end the shutdown.

How are you taking action to alleviate the effects of the partial government shutdown? Tell us at info@aitogether.org!