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This Fourth of July, we reflect on our country’s history and honor the ideals that formed its foundation more than 200 years ago. One of the most basic American ideals is represented by the Statue of Liberty, whose pedestal displays the famous words, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” as a promise of hope and freedom to the millions immigrants who came, and continue to come, to this country seeking refuge and a more prosperous life for themselves and their loved ones.

Over one hundred years since Lady Liberty was erected, America now stands at a critical crossroads, faced by an immigration crisis at our southern border of historic proportion.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action on the US immigration crisis by learning more about existing rights, pending legislation, and organizations that are providing crucial services at the border.

  • Know Your Rights. Individuals are granted asylum when they demonstrate that they are facing persecution or a “well-founded fear of persecution” in their home country. Seeking asylum is a legal act, and those who cross the border to seek asylum are entitled to a number of legal rights and protections. Learn more about the rights of those seeking asylum here.
  • Ask Your Reps To Take Action. Meet with your representatives while they are home for July recess and ask them which of the many pending legislative solutions they are supporting to address the crisis at the border. Share your views, and how you would like to see them take action on your behalf.
  • Support Organizations Providing Legal AidA recent study found that people seeking asylum who had submitted an application before the immigration court were five times more likely to be granted asylum if they were represented by a lawyer. Lend your support to one of the many organizations providing free legal assistance to those at the border. Find a list of organizations here.

How are you taking action on the US immigration crisis? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.