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Last week, California was struck by two high-magnitude earthquakes—the worst the state has experienced in nearly two decades. Meanwhile, the southern United States was hit with floods and heavy rainfall as Hurricane Barry moved inland this weekend, leaving 70,000 people without power.

While state and federal government agencies are committed to aiding disaster response efforts, political advocacy at the local level is critical to ensure that constituent and community interests are represented in all stages of the recovery process.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action on behalf of those affected by natural disasters through assisting in community and government relief efforts.

  • Understand Response And Mitigation Efforts. Local governments typically lead natural disaster response efforts with support from state and federal governments when needed. Learn more about government and federal agency responses to disasters and advocate for any necessary changes that might better serve your community. Especially as scientists predict that climate change will impact future catastrophes, reach out to your local representative to see if they have a plan to address the impact in your community.
  • Donate To Trusted Relief Organizations. Check out this list of organizations and non-profits that support disaster relief efforts, and see if they have local chapters that support the California earthquakes and Hurricane Barry relief efforts respectively.
  • Help Those Displaced By Disasters. Hundreds have been displaced by the aftermath of Hurricane Barry, and others are seeking shelter after the California earthquakes destroyed several mobile houses. Consider opening up your own home, whether through AirBnb Open Homes or other programs, to displaced neighbors or relief workers deployed to help.

How are you taking action on natural disaster readiness and response? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.