The death of George Floyd and the demonstrations and marches it has sparked have renewed the focus on and importance of advocating for racial equity in America. 

People of color in America face disproportionate structural barriers when trying to access quality housing, healthcare, and education. Communities of color are more likely to be stopped by the police. These barriers contribute to lower civic engagement levels, on average people of color vote at a substantially lower rate than White communities. 

While women are more likely to vote than men, the racial gap is still present in the voter turnout of women of color compared to White women. In a new poll from AIT with Emerson College Polling and Lake Research Partners, White women report being more likely to vote (88%), compared to Black (78%) and Hispanic/Latina women (72.6%) in the 2020 elections. 

This Take Action Tuesday, take action to advocate for racial and gender equity.

  • Get out the Vote. Make sure you are registered to vote and help others in your community to register. Use AIT’s voter registration portal and take our Register 20 in ’20 Pledge to mobilize your community to vote. Use our voter guides to get important information on registration and guidelines. 
  • Get Educated. Utilize resources and educational toolsfrom organizations that advocate for racial and gender equality. 
  • Advocate. Contact your elected officials and share your personal story and opinions on recent events to influence potential legislation. Use the AIT Action Center to contact your federal and state representatives. 

How are you taking action to advocate for racial & gender justice? Let us know at