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This month we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which provides an opportunity to reflect, take action on, and celebrate the distinct contributions, experiences, and diverse concerns of the Latinx community.

While the rapidly growing Latinx community makes up nearly 20% of the US population, they remain underrepresented in politics with less than 13% of Congress comprised of Latinx Americans. Additionally, although the Latinx community is predicted to contribute 24.4% of GDP growth by 2020, Latinx households still only hold, on average, $1 of wealth to every $8.30 held in white households.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action to recognize and elevate the concerns and experiences of Latinx Americans within your community and beyond. 

  • Support Community Organizations. Support organizations that are working to improve the political representation of Latinx Americans and bring attention to the specific concerns of the Latinx community. For example, check out AIT National Partner organization, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, which provides leadership development programs and educational services to students and young Latinx leaders across the country.
  • Learn More About Latinx Heritage. Celebrations and cultural events are being planned in major cities throughout the country. Contact a Latinx community organization in your city to see what they’re planning, or check out this events calendar to find an event near you!
  • Explore the Issues. Spend some time learning about the social and structural barriers that disproportionately affect Latinx Americans when it comes to voting and participating in our political process, and contribute to community-led solutions.

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? Let us know at info@aitogether.org.