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Last week, a group of AIT Emerging Leaders traveled to Capitol Hill, where they met with legislative offices on both sides of the aisle to learn how to be more effective advocates on the issues that matter most to them.

According to the Congressional Management Foundationin-person meetings with your elected officials and their staff are the most effective way to influence legislative action. Whether you’re asking your legislators to co-sponsor a bill, introduce legislation, or vote a certain way, learning how to conduct an in-person meeting is an important skill for any advocate.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action on the issues that matter most to you by scheduling a meeting with your elected officials.

  • Make A Scheduling Request. Call your legislator’s office to ask for the email address of their scheduler. Then, send a detailed email that includes who will attend the meeting, the reason you are requesting to meet, and the dates that you are available. If your representative is not available, ask to meet with the appropriate staffer. Make sure to follow up on your request by phone!
  • Prepare For Your Meeting. Have a clear ask so your legislator understands exactly what you are asking them to do. Back up your ask with personal experience, facts, and a case for why and how this issue impacts their district. Research relevant or upcoming legislation, and check if your legislator is a Co-Sponsor. If not, consider asking them why.
  • Stay In Touch. Create a simple one-pager to leave behind after your meeting that recaps what you are asking and why it’s important. Then, call to follow up in the following months to remind the office of your meeting, and ask what actions your legislator has taken since.

How do you approach in-person meetings with your elected officials? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.