Today is George Floyd’s funeral and a day of mourning for the nation. His death and the demonstrations it has inspired worldwide highlight the need for greater racial, gender, and economic diversity at every level of leadership in every institution.  

Overall people of color make up just  22% of Congress and 6% of State Leadership. Women of color, have even lower representation, holding just 11% of Congressional seats and 7.4% of state legislative seats.

In the private sector, race can be a major barrier for women seeking to advance at work. In 2019, only 12% of managers, 9% of senior directors, 7% of VP’s, 5% of SVP’s, and 4% of C-suite executives were women of color.

This #TakeActionTuesday, support women of color in your community and beyond. 

  • Join the conversation. Join AIT, She The People, 19th*News, and the LBJ Presidential Library Monday, June 15th at 7 pm for Black Women Lead. This virtual town hall will focus on black women who are leading and breaking barriers in business and politics
  • Support women of color running for office. Find a woman of color running for federal, state, or local office, and consider volunteering, donating, or sharing your support for her campaign.
  • Learn more. Get educated on the challenges faced by women of color in your community. The Center for Anti-violence Education’s free workshops on addressing anti-black racism can help you get started.

How are you supporting women of color in your community? Let us know at