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Yesterday, we celebrated President’s Day, and while this federal holiday honors American presidents, it also serves as a reminder of the role and significance of executive branch leaders at every level of government, from the federal to the local level.

The executive branch of government is charged with implementing laws that are created by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary. At the federal level, the President leads the executive branch, while at the state and local levels, the executive branch is led by a governor and mayor. But, at each level of government, these executive leaders are surrounded by other executive officers. At the state level, these include a Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and many others,

In addition to a woman having never served as an American president, women also remain vastly underrepresented in state-level executive offices, with only 24% of all elected executive offices being held by women. Today, nine women currently serve as governors for their states, and there are still 20 states that have never elected a woman governor.

This Take Action Tuesday, take action to support women running for executive offices at the state and local levels, and help close the gender gap in executive leadership.

  • Do Your Research. Find out who is running for executive positions in your state and local elections this November, and read up on their vision for your state or local community.
  • Get Active In A Campaign. There are many ways to support candidates. Volunteer a few hours of your time to knock on doors or make phone-calls for a candidate you believe in. Or, donate to the campaigns of candidates you’d like to see win in November.
  • Spread The Word. Although all executive offices serve crucial functions in our government and even our daily lives, these campaigns often receive far less attention from voters. Help spread voter awareness by having conversations with your friends and family about which executive offices will be on your ballot this November.

How will you support women running for executive offices across the country in November? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.