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Studies have shown that women are still much less likely than men to submit op-eds and letters to the editor, meaning that women’s voices and the stories that they tell are often missing from these influential media platforms. In fact, the New York Times recently published an opinion article that describes the severe underrepresentation of women’s voices in their own opinion section, along with a call for more women to submit their pieces.

This #TakeActionTuesday, elevate your advocacy by drafting an op-ed submission to a new or traditional media outlet.

  • Learn The Basics. Op-eds are often quite easy to write and simple to submit, but it is important to understand the basic structure and submission process in order to ensure that your op-ed makes an impact. Check out the Op-Ed Project for information on how to get started.
  • Know Your Audience. Each media platform reaches a distinct audience and carries a slightly different tone and message in their articles. Consider who you are trying to reach beforecrafting your submission, and do some research on which media outlets might be a good fit. Consider the differences between various types of media including traditional news media, new media platforms, or industry-specific publications before selecting a specific outlet. Check out this list with information on popular media outlets to get started.
  • Collaborate. Consider writing a joint op-ed with someone whose perspective or experience strengthens your message. Co-authoring an article can help your piece get noticed by publishers and expand its relevance and reach.

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