It’s time to plan your vote!

Do you live in Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, Washington DC, or West Virginia? If so, voter registration closed Tuesday. There are just 22 days before November 3rd and early voting has already started.   Voter registration issues in Florida and Virginia serve as a reminder, it’s better not to wait. This handy chart lays it all out or you can check out AIT’s Voter Guides for detailed information on voting in your state.

Women are the majority of the electorate, so we’ll be focusing on key topics related to planning your vote each week leading up to the election. 

This #TakeActionTuesday, Plan Your Vote!

  • Find your Polling Location – Part of planning ahead is knowing where you’ll cast your ballot early or on election day. Check out this state by state break down to find your information.  Already voted? Check-in with friends and family to see if they need help making a plan.
  • Volunteer – America has seen a record shortage of poll workers this year due to the coronavirus and volunteers are still needed. If you feel comfortable and can help in your area, this is a great way to help ensure elections run smoothly in your community.
  • Research Absentee – Nine states, plus the District of Columbia, will conduct their elections primarily by mail by this year.  35 others will allow any voter to request a ballot to vote by mail. If your planning to vote by mail make sure you review your state’s request deadlineand request your ballot
  • Track Your Ballot – If you’ve requested your absentee ballot but still haven’t received it, you can reach out to your State Board of Elections to track your ballot and ensure you don’t miss your state’s mailing deadline. 
  • Donate – Supportthe grassroots education and mobilization AIT does to get women to the polls in 2020 and beyond.  

Have you ever volunteered as a poll worker? If so, what have your experiences been like in that past? We want to share your stories, email

Very Best,

The AITeam