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Record numbers of women, including women of color, are running for elected offices across the country, giving next week’s Midterm Elections the potential to become a historic moment for women’s political leadership. Yet, female candidates are still being consistently out-fundraised by their male counterparts, making it even more crucial that we lend them our time, as well as our dollars, in the days leading up to next Tuesday.

This #TakeActionTuesday, sign up to volunteer for a female candidate who you support during the last week before the Midterm Elections.

Here are some tips for finding the right volunteer opportunity:

  • Sign Up. Learn about volunteer opportunities in your area by signing up to receive information from women candidates who you’re excited to see running in your community and beyond. Check out opportunities like The Last Weekend for democratic campaigns, or visit the GOP’s volunteer page for republican campaigns. These sites are structured to get you plugged in quickly where it matters the most.
  • Make A Time Commitment. There are many ways to volunteer for a campaign. Take a look at your schedule, and decide what type of time commitment works best for you. For example, if you aren’t able to spend an afternoon knocking on doors, consider participating in virtual phone banking from home or making a donation online.
  • Share Your Experience. Use social media platforms to share what you are doing to support candidates in your area and encourage others to take action. Even better? Ask your friends and family to commit to join you in your week of action in order to double your impact.

How do you plan to mobilize for the Midterms during the last weekend before the election? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.