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An important part of being civically engaged is learning to navigate the news cycle and stay informed on the issues that matter most to you. Yet, it is easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which news sources to rely on and which stories to follow.

In a time when more than 50% of Americans receive their news from social media and only 41% of Americans trust the media, it is more important than ever to be a savvy consumer of the news and remain plugged into the issues that matter most.

This Take Action Tuesday, become equipped to navigate the news cycle.

  • Choose Sources Wisely. Always consider where your information is coming from and how reputable the source is likely to be. Sources with longstanding reputations are less likely to stray from the facts than newer sites that have less to lose from misleading reporting. For more tips, check out our video guide.
  • Draw From Different Sources. Pay attention to the type of news that you’re reading and what purpose it serves. If you’re just looking for the facts, spend time reading straight news. If you want to understand an expert’s opinion on a specific issue, look for editorials or op-eds.
  • Stay Focused. Be intentional about which issues you follow, instead of being guided by what others share on social media. Set concrete goals around which issues you will focus on, where you will get your information, and how you will build time into your daily or weekly routine to stay informed.

How do you navigate the news cycle? Let us know at info@aitogether.org.