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This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day and honor the profound contributions of mother-figures in our own lives and in building and strengthening our larger society. It is crucial that we, as advocates and active members of our communities, recognize the influence that mothers have had in creating opportunities for us in our own lives as well as the powerful role that the experience of motherhood plays in informing and driving community-based and policy solutions.

This Take Action Tuesday, honor the power of motherhood through local advocacy.

  • Recognizing Motherhood As Expertise. The experience of motherhood is one of a multitude of intersecting identities that we may carry as advocates and that can inform our issue priorities and/or political views. Recognizing this experience as a form of powerful expertise is a very effective way to express your views to elected officials and others in your community. Learn more about how you can use experiences like motherhood to create effective advocacy asks here.
  • Join Forces Across Generations. Reach out to the mother-figures in your own life, and have a conversation about the issues that matter most to you. Then, join forces to create change in your community by supporting advocacy organizations near you. Looking for an organization to support? Check out our list of local and national community partners to get started.
  • Set An Example. For many of us, a passion for advocacy and community-building begins at home. Think about ways to involve your children in your organizing and advocacy efforts—from door-knocking to convenings in your community.

How are you celebrating the power of motherhood this Mother’s Day? Let us know at info@aitogether.org.