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2020 promises to be an important year for our democracy, with a presidential election and a US Census among many upcoming opportunities to help shape the future of our country. While the November election may seem far off, the primary election season will begin in early February, and many voter registration deadlines are just around the corner.

Although the primary is a crucial step towards electing our President and many other federal and state representatives, less than 30% of eligible voters typically participate. And despite recent growth, the US still ranks amongst the lowest for overall voter turnout among the OECD countries.

This Take Action Tuesday add your state’s presidential primary to your 2020 calendar, and prepare to take action by registering yourself and others to vote!

  • Check Your Registration Status. Check the status of your voter registration online. If you have not yet registered or need to update your current registration, do so right away to avoid missing upcoming deadlines.
  • Mark Your Calendar. Look up your state’s voter registration deadlines(for both the primary and general elections) and add these dates to your calendar. Regularly remind friends and colleagues to check their voter registration status before these deadlines approach. If you are voting absentee, use this online ballot request tool today.
  • Act Beyond Voting. While you are marking your 2020 calendar, think about your civic engagement goals. Which key dates and opportunities will be important to remember throughout the year? Consider including dates like local and state elections, the Census count, and dates that your Congress members will be on recess and holding meetings in your district.

Which important dates are you marking in your 2020 calendar? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.