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The fifth Democratic primary debate will take place tomorrow between the ten qualifying presidential candidates. This debate round will feature far fewer candidates than debates earlier this year, as less candidates qualify based on measures of voter support. This evolving field of candidates reminds us that early engagement plays a crucial role in all elections, long before we head to the voting booth to support the candidates who we want to succeed.

As we continue to witness many presidential, congressional, and local candidates launching campaigns across the country, consider how you can lend early support to those considering or beginning campaigns in your community and beyond.

This Take Action Tuesday, consider how you are lending early support to candidates before you head to the polls next November.

  • Get To Know The Candidates. Learn which seats are up for election in your district and find out who is running. Get to know the candidates early so you can lend crucial support early on in their candidacy.
  • Make A DonationWomen candidates, particularly women of color, have a harder time fundraising than their male counterparts, especially early on when they are seen as “riskier bets.” Consider donating to candidates up and down the ballot that you support or want to see remain in the race as November 2020 approaches.
  • Find Other Ways To Support. There are plenty of ways to lend early support to the candidates you are excited to see run and win. Contact their campaign offices to form a relationship with a candidate and their team early. This way, you can deepen your engagement with the campaign and sharpen your skills to make impact ahead of election day.

How are you lending early support to candidates in your community and beyond? Let us know at aitogether.org.