Election Rules

General Election Voter Registration Deadline: October 24, or Election Day registration if voting in-person

Iowa voters can cast their ballot early at their county auditor’s office. Contact the office for date and time information.

Iowa’s Safe at Home program provides confidential voter registration for survivors of domestic violence, assault, trafficking, stalking, or violent crimes. Learn more here.

Restoration of Voting Rights After Felony Convictions: As of 2016, all felons in Iowa are permanently disenfranchised unless pardoned by the governor.

ID Requirements for Voting: Photo ID is requested, if you do not show an ID, you can vote using a regular ballot after signing an oath to verify your identity.

Time Off to Vote Law: Employees are eligible for up to three hours of paid time off to vote if they do not have sufficient time to vote outside of working hours. Learn more here.

Absentee Voting: Any registered Iowa voter can request an absentee ballot, no excuse required. Voters can download the request online and send the completed form to the county auditor at least 10 days before the election if by mail, or one day before if returned in person.

Gender Gaps in Representation

Iowa is one of 9 states that has a woman governor (Kim Reynolds, R) and one of seven that has 50% or women in its Congressional delegation. Iowa ranks 25th in the country for women’s representation in the State Legislature.

Iowa Congressional Delegation

Iowa State Legislature

Voter Turnout

Iowa had higher voter turnout than the United States overall for both men and women in the 2016 Election.

Percent Voter Turnout by Gender

Percent Voter Turnout by Race

Other races not shown due to population size