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Last week, AIT released our National Political Engagement Survey detailing a number of important findings including voter motivations going into the 2020 election, perceptions of female candidates, and how individuals plan to get politically engaged.

According to the survey, although two-thirds of respondents say that they are more motivated to vote going into 2020, only 1 in 10 plans to increase their political participation ahead of the election. And, while many say that they are personally engaged by women candidates, there is still a widespread sense that a Democratic nominee might not be successful if that nominee is a woman.

This #TakeActionTuesday, take action beyond the statistics, and plan to amplify your political impact ahead of 2020.

  • Support Women Candidates. Our survey shows that women are particularly likely to say that women elected officials are better at representing their interests. Take some time to research women candidates that align with your beliefs and values, and reach out to see how you can get involved with their campaigns. Or, show support by making financial contributions.
  • Engage Beyond Social Media. Although our data shows that women are more likely to take political actions on social media than men, these posts usually don’t carry a large impact. In addition to engaging on social platforms, write or call your representatives, donate or volunteer for advocacy organizations, or attend an in-person meeting with your legislators.
  • Make An Action Plan. Plan ahead to increase your engagement during the 2020 election cycle, and broaden your political engagement with new actions, whether that means organizing in your community, making a donation, or volunteering at home or in person on a campaign.

What are you doing to increase your political engagement ahead of the 2020 election? Tell us at info@aitogether.org.