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Today is Giving Tuesday, a day that marks the beginning of the giving season and encourages individuals to give what they can to the organizations and causes that matter most to them. While we each give in different ways—through donating our time, skills, and knowledge—Giving Tuesday is all about leveraging our financial resources to support those in need and advance the positive changes that we want to see in our community, country, and across the world.

This #TakeActionTuesday, use your financial resources to support the causes and issues that matters most to you. Here are some tips and strategies to help maximize your impact:

  • Ask About Employer Matching. Many companies are offering to match the gifts of their employees today or even all year round, so make sure to ask your company about their matching program. If your employer does not have a matching program in place, explore how you could help to establish one in 2019.
  • Form A Giving Circle. A giving circle is a group of people who pool their donations for a specific organization or cause. There are many ways to structure a giving circle, and how you organize yours is up to you. All you need to get started is to organize a group of people who are interested in participating, and then to discuss which organization or cause your giving circle will benefit. Recent studies have shown that in addition to increasing total funds raised, giving circles also serve to democratize giving by engaging new demographics of donors. Check out this link to learn more!
  • Make Giving Easy. Help others donate by sending your friends and family a note about the organizations that you are supporting today along with the donation link for them to follow your lead. Consider an offer to match their donation. And, remind them that even small donations contribute to a stronger culture of giving this holiday season.

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