All In Together is proud of its partnership with the
Gretchen Carlson “Gift of Courage” Fund to bring the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative (GCLI) to cities across America.

Gift of Courage Logo

Launched in 2017, GCLI convenes diverse women from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for free, nonpartisan civic engagement and education in key cities across America. GCLI is especially committed to reaching women who are survivors of gender-based violence or discrimination, advocates fighting for gender equality, and women committed to leading change on behalf of all women. The program’s mission is to transform participants into citizen advocates and leaders willing to advocate for women in their companies, organizations, and communities.

Attend a GCLI event near you! Join us:

January 26, 2019: Dallas, TX

February 23, 2019: Minneapolis, MN

March 30, 2019: Cincinnati, OH

May 11, 2019: Phoenix, AZ

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