AIT Women in Financial Services Policy Forum


On March 1, 2018, nearly 100 women across the financial services industry attended AIT Women in Financial Services Policy Forum in Boston, sponsored by KKR, Morgan Stanley, Oliver Wyman, Oppenheimer Funds, and State Street in Boston, MA. The forum was hosted by Putnam Investments. The Forum delved into the intersection of the financial services industry and today’s most complex and pressing civic, political and social issues, and how women are leading change and social innovation in the industry.

Featured speakers included Katherine Collins (Head of Sustainable Investment, Putnam), Hala Hanna (Managing Director, MIT Solve), Ayanna Pressley (Boston City Council) Janice Cook Roberts (Director, Client and Partner Group, KKR),  Cathy Saunders (Head of the Client Engagement Center, Putnam), Elizabeth Seeger (Director, Head of Sustainable Investing), Elizabeth St-Onge (Partner, Oliver Wyman), and Lily Trager (Director of Investing with Impact, Morgan Stanley).