As we approach the 2020 Presidential Elections, there are still voters who are undecided, and their choice could change the direction of the country. Swing Voters, voters who do not vote consistently with a political party represent 15% of the electorate in the battleground States.  

 Recent polling from AIT with Emerson College Polling and Lake Research Partners identified a new group of women swing voters for the 2020 election. This year, “Guardian Women” constitute a key swing vote. They split in party identification and in their Presidential preference (46% Biden, 42% Trump, 12% undecided), but they all value security and see themselves as protectors of their family.  Guardian Women are very committed to turning out in the November election and could represent a decisive group. 

This #TakeActionTuesday, take action to educate and engage swing voters in your community.

  • Register Voters. Make sure you and others in your community are registered to vote. Take AIT’s Register 20 in ’20’s Pledge. Use our voter registration tool to register 20 new voters in your neighborhood ahead of the election. 
  • Support your chosen candidate. Volunteer, donate or help spread the word about your preferred candidates and their platforms. You can check out the website of the Federal Election Commission for more informationon how to support federal candidates. 
  • Learn about voting in your state. Get ready to vote by checking out the Voter Guides for each state in the AIT Action Center. There you can get details on the voting process and rules for your state and plan ahead. You can also be a resource to friends and neighbors as you encourage them to register and vote!

How are you engaging swing voters? Let us know at