About The CLP

AIT’s Community Leadership Program is a national, non-partisan, civic engagement program that empowers historically underrepresented women and non-binary individuals to fully participate in democracy looking to close the gender gap that exist in civic leadership.

We help women become leaders and catalysts for change in their communities. Our goal is that public policy reflects the insights and experiences of all women using a human-centered approach. 

In 2022 the CLP will host workshops in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. 

Our Strategy

We partner with local grassroots organizations to support their clients and
members, while strengthening their internal capacity to drive policy change.
We build networks that connect advocacy organizations, direct service providers, and
women to expand democratic participation, voting rights and gender equity initiatives.
We support historically underrepresented women to civically engage by providing the
tools, resources, and training they need to become leaders.
We work with underserved women from diverse backgrounds, including women of
color, immigrant women, low-income women, and formerly incarcerated women.

Ways To Get Involved


We partner with local community organizations to support their clients and members while strengthening their internal capacity to drive policy change. Our community partners receive free civic leadership resources and opportunities, inclusion in our regional networks, and access to AIT staff to support the organization’s civic leadership and advocacy goals.
In 2022 the CLP will host workshops in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. 

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We partner with national civic & advocacy-oriented nonpartisan organizations that use various forms of community organizing and mobilizing to advocate for a cause or that support people to take action to influence public opinion and policy. National partners have access to our network of national and local partners across the country, co-host virtual programming, and much more.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with AIT. Volunteer opportunities include taking a key role in our in-person CLP events in our target states, phone banking, canvassing, and more!

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May 14, 2022 @ 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Union Hall, 1311 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Our Approach

  • Civic Education Trainings: We train women and partner organizations on a wide range of topics from basic civics to policy and advocacy strategy, empowering participants to bring back learning to their own networks and communities
  • Voter Engagement: We drive voter engagement through national voter registration drives, phone banking, and step by step support for making a plan to vote
  • Public Programs: Our in-person and virtual programs promote civic engagement and explore critical policy issues, provide a safe space for participants to engage with local elected officials and community leaders
  • Resources: We develop and disseminate voter resources, guides, toolkits and information tailored to each state and organization’s needs. We conduct research and polling to inform and update our resources and information. Our programs are free, accessible, nonpartisan, and tailored to underserved women
    and grassroots organizations.

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