About The CLP

The Community Leadership Program is a national, nonpartisan program that aims to close the gender gaps that exist in civic leadership by equipping women across America with the necessary educational tools and peer support to become civic leaders in their communities and beyond. Recognizing that there are many styles of civic leadership, we define civic engagement as any action that allows individuals to access political power—from serving on a county board or commission, to speaking up at a town hall, or publishing an op-ed.

Ways To Get Involved


All In Together is recruiting paid Fellows to support the implementation of the CLP. The Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to grow your civic leadership in your community and on a national scale, while equipping and mobilizing others to be civically engaged. Ultimately, Fellows will equip thousands of women across the country with the necessary civic education and encouragement to take action on the issues that matter most to them.

Meet the 2020 Fellows


 During 2019, All In Together identified, convened, and equipped cohorts of emerging women leaders to ignite civic action in their own organizations and communities. Emerging Leaders are volunteers who are trained to become more effective civic leaders and given tools to host CLP workshops and advocacy trainings in their communities. We will continue to grow the emerging leaders network throughout 2020.

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Our Focus

The Community Leadership Program is focused on meeting women wherever they are by providing truly accessible in-person programming and eliminating barriers to participation. Given the huge barrier to gender equality and political participation posed by gender-based violence, the CLP is particularly focused on reaching and equipping survivors of gender-based violence to influence the systems and polices that have impacted them and their communities.

CLP Workshops

Throughout 2020 several CLP Workshops will be held in cities across America. Workshop topics include:

  • Voter Mobilization and Engagement in an Election Year
  • Getting Engaged in State and Local Government
  • Creating Legislative Impact
  • Community Leader Roundtables


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