Women at the forefront of history

Too often the historical presence and contributions of women, and particularly women of color, are omitted from our discussions of American history. While her husband was leading American forces as a General, Martha Washington organized boycotts of British goods as part of a rebel women’s organization called Daughters of Liberty. Women like Deborah Sampson and Mary Ludwick Hays were also serving on the battlefield, while women like poet Phillis Wheatley wrote about the Revolution. 245 years after America gained independence, the whole world watched as Kamala Harris become the first woman and first Black and South Asian person to serve as Vice President of the United States. In between these two milestones in our nation’s history, hundreds of other women worked tirelessly to create a better and more just country. Join All In Together in celebrating these women’s contributions to American history.

How Can I Help?

Mindful Celebrations

1.) As pandemic restrictions ease and we finally reunite with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day, it is important to remember that the fight for freedom still continues for so many. New voting restriction laws continue to dominate headlines as more states move to limit access to the ballot box. July offers a perfect opportunity to educate yourself on legislation happening in your area and let your representatives know how you feel about those issues. 


2.) Developing a deeper understanding of our country’s history is an important first step in understanding the way we’ve evolved. Take some time this month to read, listen to podcasts, or watch documentaries that help deepen your understanding of America’s evolution and shed light on some of our forgotten chapters


3.) Support the transformative work of All In Together by making a donation in honor of Independence Day. Your contributions will help us continue our work training and mobilizing women and gender nonconforming people access and utilize their political power.