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February is National Black History Month and represents an opportunity to honor black Americans today and through history, while recentering our focus on the continued efforts towards racial equality in America. Black Americans have long faced severe underrepresentation in politics (and beyond). Today, there are only three black US senators and zero black governors. In total, black Americans make up just 10% of the 116th Congress.

Black women, in particular, continue to face political marginalization and underrepresentation. Despite a historic number of black Americans serving in the 116th Congress—including historic firsts like Representative Ayanna Pressley, who is the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in the US Congress—only 4% of Congress is currently comprised of black women.

This #TakeActionTuesday, celebrate Black History Month and support continued efforts towards racial equity in America by taking one (or more!) of the actions listed below:

  • Support Black Women Candidates. Do research on the black women who are running for office in or near your state or district and consider lending your support by donating your time, skills, networks, or financial resources. Check out this database of black women running for office all across America to get started!
  • Support Racial Equity Organizations. Consider supporting local or national organizations that are leading racial equity efforts in your community and beyond. Check out this directory to find a racial equity organization near you, and find out what kinds of local initiatives and legislative efforts they are supporting.
  • Visit Your Local Black History Museum. Dedicate some time to dive deeper into black history in America by visiting a black history museum in your area. During the month of February, Lyft is offering free rides to a long list of black history museums, memorials, and relevant cultural sites, as well as to Black-owned businesses throughout various communities. Check out the list of sites and get the free ride codes here.

How are you celebrating Black History Month? Tell us at info@aitogether.org!