From the US Census to the November elections, it is no question that 2020 is shaping up to be an important year for America’s democracy, with many of us looking for concrete, practical ways to become more civically engaged. 

At AIT, we are committed to helping all American women take and sustain civic action in ways that best fit their lives. That is why we established the Emerging Leaders Program, a civic action network comprised of cohorts of women advocates committed to igniting change and civic engagement in their communities and beyond. 

Through the Emerging Leaders Program, you will receive civic leadership training, educational resources to share with others, and a supportive network of women advocates in your community to work alongside as you set goals and take advocacy actions. 

This Take Action Tuesday, apply to become an Emerging Leader!

  • Learn More. Find more information on our Emerging Leaders Program, and meet representatives from our 2019 Emerging Leaders Program here!
  • Set Your Advocacy Priorities. The Emerging Leaders Program aims to empower you to achieve your personal advocacy goals. Consider which issues are most important to you, or which changes you would like to bring about in your community. Then, highlight these goals and priorities in your application.
  • Forward To Your Network. Anyone can apply to become an Emerging Leader, regardless of where they live in the US. Spread the word about this opportunity to three friends or colleagues, and encourage them to take their civic leadership to the next level.

Have questions about the Emerging Leaders Program? Let us know at