State Primary Election Deadline: July 6
General Election Voter Registration Deadline: October 5

ID Requirements for Voting: A photo ID or two non-photo IDs are required at the polling site. See the list of accepted forms of ID here. Members of federally-recognized tribes are not required to have an address or photo on their ID to cast a provisional ballot.

Early voting: Registered Arizona voters can request an early ballot here.

Absentee ballots: Anyone can request an absentee ballot, no excuse is required. The deadline to request your ballot is 11 days before the election, and the ballot must be turned in by 7pm on Election Day.

Gender Gaps in Representation

Arizona is one of six states to be represented by two women in the Senate. Arizona ranks 7th in the country for women’s representation in the state legislature.

Arizona Congressional Delegation

Arizona State Legislature

Voter Turnout

Arizona men had a lower turnout than overall, while Arizona women had a higher turnout than the overall in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Percent Voter Turnout by Gender

Percent Voter Turnout By Race

Other races not shown due to population size