Gender Avenger is now part of the All In Together family!

At AIT, our mission is to encourage, educate, equip, and empower all women to participate in political and civic life. Gender Avenger, with its leading digital resources and online community, is the perfect extension of our mission.

Gender Avenger highlights gender imbalance and advocates for equal representation of women in the public realm through three proprietary channels:

Through Gender Avenger, AIT will embolden women and our allies to spotlight gender inequity while we celebrate those individuals and institutions, ensuring women’s voices are present and counted.

To learn more and become a Gender Avenger, visit and join @GenderAvenger on your favorite social channel.

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Gender Avenger Joins AIT

“I am thrilled to welcome Gender Avenger to the All in Together family. Gender Avenger’s work calling attention to women’s visibility and participation in public forums clearly aligns with our vision of a truly representative American democracy – influenced at every level by the wisdom and power of women. We are honored to be continuing that important work.”

– Lauren Leader, AIT CEO and co-founder

Click here to read All In Together’s full press release.

Official Photo of Lauren Leader