Community Leadership Program

The Community Leadership Program is a national, nonpartisan program that aims to close the gender gaps that exist in civic leadership by equipping women across America with the necessary educational tools and peer support to become civic leaders in their communities and beyond. Recognizing that there are many styles of civic leadership, we define civic engagement as any action that allows individuals to access political power—from serving on a county board or commission, to speaking up at a town hall, or publishing an op-ed.

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Gender Avenger

Gender Avenger is now part of the All In Together family!

Gender Avenger highlights gender imbalance and advocates for equal representation of women in the public realm through three proprietary channels:

Through Gender Avenger, AIT will embolden women and our allies to spotlight gender inequity while we celebrate those individuals and institutions, ensuring women’s voices are present and counted.

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Industry Forums

AIT industry-focused forums bring non-partisan policy insights to women in business around the country. Each forum is cross-company and brings together women executives and senior leaders across sector to explore some of the most important issues of our time.

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Virtual Town Halls and Webinars

All In Together’s Virtual Town Halls and Webinars are co-presented with our non-profit and corporate partners to thousands of women across America. These sessions on a provide in depth insights on a variety of topics from women leaders, with a focus on how to create impact on the issues that matter most.

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Programs & Workshops

AIT workshops and training seminars provide attendees with actionable information, tools, and resources on how to make their voices heard, how to become more effective citizen-advocates, and how to influence policymakers at every level of government.

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Hill Days

AIT My Voice 2015 Capital Hill Leadership Event

AIT Hill Days bring leaders to Washington, D.C. to meet with policymakers on both sides of the aisle for in-depth educational briefings on the most pressing issues of the day. Attendees gain a deeper understanding of how the legislative process works and build bridges with Congressional leaders. Hill Days are invitation-only.

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