AIT Post-Election Advocacy Workshop


On January 31st, over 40 women attended our first-ever AIT Post-Election Advocacy Workshop in New York City. Held in Partnership with the Ellevate Network, this action-packed workshop provided attendees with greater insight into how government (really) works as well as tools and tactics to influence they representatives and local political officials.

In the 90-minute, in-person session, participants learned about:

  • How government (federal, state and local) works and who represents you
  • Proven tools and tactics to influence on the political system
  • How to prioritize the issues you care about (and be an effective advocate on behalf of them)
  • Tips for having difficult (but productive) political conversations

On average, the workshop received a “usefulness rating” of 9 out of 10 (10 being “extremely useful”) and 93% of attendees agreed that they left with a better idea of how to influence the political process.

What we heard:

“This is MUCH needed. Great format, super content rich. Good mix of lecture, self-reflection.”

“The information I learned tonight will be really helpful to better focus my advocacy efforts and those I influence.”

“Enjoyed learning about stats and importance of women’s involvement in politics!”

“This was really great! Thanks for the resources for representatives and events.”