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All in Together Featured @ Milken Global Conference


Panel Discussion: “Women in Elective Office,” Milken Global Conference

“The last two presidential election cycles saw the enthusiastic engagement of women, minorities and younger voters. For the first time, there are 100 women in Congress. How do we build on that momentum? How can we encourage more women to lead in every aspect of the political process, from fundraising and running for office to holding elected officials accountable on issues that matter to them? And how can we work more effectively with the private sector to achieve this goal? This panel explored ways to engage women in politics across the social, economic and minority spectrum and discuss why doing so is critical to the nation’s future.” Source: Milken Global Conference

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The event Moderator was Krystal Ball, Co-host, “The Cycle,” MSNBC. Speakers included Laura Cox Kaplan, Principal-in-Charge, Government, Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Congresswoman, Hawaii; Lauren Leader-Chivee, Co-Founder & CEO, All in Together; Mimi Walters, U.S. Congresswoman, California. You can watch a video below or on YouTube.

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