Foxye Jackson

Community Leadership Program, Dallas Cohort

Foxye is a sexual and interpersonal violence survivor advocate as well as a forensic nurse who specializes in sexual assault exams. She is also the founder and director of Foxye’s I Speak, a non-profit that facilitates and supports survivors’ healing from experiences of sexual assault, domestic violence, and mental abuse. Foxye is experienced in public speaking, coaching, alternative healing methods, and trauma response. Based in Dallas Texas, Foxye is now bringing legislative advocacy into her work with and for survivors.

Describe your experience participating in the Emerging Leaders Program.

It is apparent that AIT pays attention to the data on why women fail to participate in legislative advocacy. One of those reasons is the feeling of not having enough information to do so. The ELP eliminated that excuse by equipping me with resources and tools. That is exactly what I needed: access to information and other advocates so I could eliminate my excuses for not participating in civic leadership.

What did you learn from the Capitol Hill Advocacy Day in Washington, DC?

The AIT trip to Washington, DC was life changing. I was able to get an up-close look at the legislative process, something I had no previous interest or experience in. Now, I’m constantly thinking about and preparing for my role in influencing legislation. I just registered for a class on US government branches to become more familiar with their varied duties. It’s no secret that many laws particularly affect women, and there remains very little input from women throughout the creation of these laws. That is changing. I will continue to utilize AIT’s resources to support my efforts towards increasing participation of women and LGBTQI+ in civic leadership.

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