Elisabeth Samson Lee

Community Leadership Program, Twin Cities Cohort

Elisabeth is an author and activist based out of the Twin Cities who is working to reform workplace sexual assault and harassment policies and protections. As a survivor of workplace sexual assault herself, Elisabeth has transformed her survivorship into a tool for impact by working with government agencies and educators to bring awareness to this crucially under-addressed issue and influence systematic change.

Describe your experience participating in the Emerging Leaders Program.

The Emerging Leaders Program has given me the focus and tools to channel my burning need for change into active advocacy that makes a difference. It is a game-changer in building momentum for my chosen cause. The other Emerging Leaders are knowledgeable, attentive, and accessible. The amazing women I have met through the program add another level of support and motivation to my mission. With All In Together and the Emerging Leaders Program, I never felt alone in civic leadership. I was encouraged and inspired to be the powerhouse that I am.

What did you learn from the Capitol Hill Advocacy Day in Washington, DC?

The trip to Washington, DC was an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only did I gain tools to advocate at a national level, but it also gave me a sense of legitimacy in my fight for change—AIT showed me that my voice truly matters. Walking through the halls of the United States Capitol, meeting with congressional office staffers, and taking in the energy of Washington, DC with other like-minded, powerful women is the fuel that will sustain me for my lifetime of civic leadership. There are no words to adequately convey my gratitude for this opportunity.

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