2018 Midterms: Women as Agents of Change



On September 25, 2018, AIT partnered with The Wing for an evening of insight with key political operatives as they share how to make change at and beyond the ballot box this fall. Convening women from across the aisle, the discussion focused on how women are shaping the midterms and what you can do to maximize your impact.

All In Together hosts 2018 Midterms: Agents of Change at The Wing in Washington, D.C., on September 25, 2018.

Featured speakers included Rhonda Foxx (Co-Founder, Black Women’s Congressional Alliance), María Theresa Kumar (CEO, Voto Latino),  Betsy Fischer Martin (Executive Director, American University Women & Politics Institute), and Neri Martinez (Executive Director, Republican State Leadership Committee Future Majority Project). The panelists inspired attendees with stories of how they overcame hardship in order to make a difference in politics, as well as actionable steps to take in order to get involved.